The Need for Strong Representation in Federal Court

Posted by Harris Taback | Nov 11, 2017 | 0 Comments

     When we Honor Veteran's Day and the sacrifice that has been made to protect our freedoms and liberties, it is essential that we take a moment to realize how important our constitution protections are.  This is especially so given the hostility many Federal Judges nominated by President Trump have toward constitutional rights that are the foundation of our criminal justice system.

     These judicial appointments are taking place in record numbers at rapid speed.  President Trump's original appointment of Jeff Sessions and now the appointment of William Barr as our United States Attorney General are clear blows against the notion of a fair minded United States Attorney's Office.

     If you are charged with a federal crime be aware that the process of protecting your rights is becoming significantly harder under the Trump administration.  It is very important that your lawyer is prepared to aggressively defend your rights against an ever powerful federal government.

     The Answer:  I am ready to protect and defend you against criminal charges in both Federal and State Court without any intimidation and fueled by a deep desire to beat oppressive government encroachment on liberty interests.  Your freedom means the world to me.

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Harris Taback is a criminal defense attorney with over three decades of experience in the courtroom. When he takes on a case, he brings with him a strong sense of passion and diligence to obtain the best outcomes for his clients. Harris operates on the principles of empathy and reason when negoti...


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