About Our Firm

After 34 years as a successful independent law practicioner located in San Francisco, California, Harris has developed a cadre of professionals who are available to assist him in every aspect of defending your case.  Through his success as a long term member of both California's Indigent Defense Counsel and the Federal Criminal Defense Panel, Harris has come to know the personnel and players who can be influential in the outcome of your case.

These individuals and firms are the defense attorneys, judges, prosecutors, investigators, probation officials, independent case background professionals, even bailiffs and clerks who comprise the fabric of the criminal justice system.

Since Harris is always well prepared and fair-minded, these players listen intently to him as he meticulously and passionately presents your case defense in the best possible light.  Because Harris is well known and well liked, the parties enjoy their interactions with him and his reputation rebounds to the benefit of his clients.  

Harris has strong empathy for all parties effected by the law and works strenuously to have the weight of the law land on your side.  With knowledge and know how, he makes miracles happen!