Computer Or Internet Crimes

Crimes that use computer networks or devices to advance other ends include: Fraud and identity theft (although this increasingly uses malware, hacking or phishing, making it an example of both... Information warfare Phishing scams Spam Propagation of illegal obscene or offensive content, including cyberterrorism, extortion, sex-trafficking, cyber-warfare and the like.

How Does Cybercrime Work?

Have you ever received an email from an alleged Nigerian prince who offers you a large payment in exchange for a temporary, small deposit? Examples of possible internet fraud proliferates the landscape, ranging from disputes over voting practices to monies offered and never received. Most businesses and individuals legitimately use the internet to advertise their services.  If there are disputes about the business services provided, civil courts are available to resolve them. Not every example of internet fraud is a cybercrime.

There are, to be sure, companies whose sole objective is to part customers from their pocketbooks without providing any actual benefits.  Among these crimes include identity theft, credit card misuse, theft of business accounts, and the like.  But when does a firm "cross the line" so to speak between offering legitimate services and becoming an out and out scammer?  It behooves the customer to get any of these offerings into a written agreement, but when the offer is "too good to be true" sometimes these guardrails go by the wayside.

The rule of thumb is buyer beware, but also the business must put ethics above profits. Misunderstandings abound and the quick pace of internet transactions and their evolution to become even faster and comprehensive could be misinterpreted as attempts at fraudulent activity.

If you are accused of illegal cyber activity, call Harris Taback for his opinion.  Harris has worked in a multitude of alleged fraudulent illegal business dealings and is ready to give you his honest appraisal of your case.  Harris is always ready to discuss your situation.  It's good to get expert advice!