Firearms Violations

Firearms Violations 

Firearms violations can be both a state and federal offense.  Federal laws especially provide severe gun penalties.  Due to the proliferation of weapons in everyday life, the courts and U.S. Congress are taking a hard look at how to prosecute weapons charges, but the trend is toward greater and more severe penalties and longer sentences.  Congress has enacted an assault weapons ban in 2019.

The guns offender is primarily a white, male individual over the age of 18 however, juveniles have made an impact with weapons offenses in recent times.  Factors a court considers when they must evaluate a weapons charge are: prior criminal record, alleged "gang" connections, if the weapons are used in conjunction with other criminal activity.   Gun use is restricted for those individuals who have an outstanding restraining order, are deemed mentally incompetent and certain sex offenders, among other at risk persons.  There can be penalty enhancements, particularly if assault weapons are used during a crime.  

Possession of guns, though a legitimate hobby for some adults and for protection for others, is a concern for law enforcement since they are so available in the event of a personal crises, or are even stolen.   The gun industry has made it difficult to enforce even rudimentary safety measures.  

See my case where I was able to assist a young man with mental health treatment who was charged with felony gun violations.

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