Post Conviction Representation

Post Conviction Issues

What Should I Look Out For?

At times there are challenges in winding up a case, especially one that is complicated or even has an emotional impact on the court or victims.  There are many hurdles to overcome and impactful decisions to be made, and not only that, the process of expunging criminal records or probation and parole requirements enter into play.

This arena can be fraught with errors, mistakes or serious issues overlooked or that have not yet come to light.  Attorneys must remain vigilant about the case even when all seems to be as well as it can under the current circumstances but might not be long term.  A defendant might be called months down the line and reminded "You need to take care of this" or "Why haven't you filed that?" when all appears to be on the right footing going forward, but actually is not.  And sorry to say, perhaps the current lawyer hasn't been as proactive as possible which may be grounds for an ineffective assistance of counsel claim.

Post conviction representation is vital when a defendant is seriously trying to put his criminal experience behind him (or her!) and there are needed court appearances or even just paperwork to be submitted so that the client may move on with their life.  Choosing an excellent advocate will alleviate the client's need to be constantly looking over their shoulder, wondering where the next hit is coming from.  Harris has always looked ahead to see what's over the next peak in order for his clients to remain safe and for their future to be secure.  Call Harris to see what post conviction assistance is needed and he will assess for you the next steps in your case so that you can truly move on.