ICE Readies Itself to Make Arrests in California

Posted by Harris Taback | Mar 07, 2018 | 0 Comments

ICE, the Immigration Customs Enforcement agency has become a household name, if not a household fear for many of our undocumented neighbors.

Recently, Oakland's Mayor Libby Schaaf warned potential ICE victims that a sweep of Northern California was imminent.  She was right:  many arrests are now being made of everyday people, some who merely went outside of their homes to move their cars on street sweeping days and were subsequently arrested.  Notwithstanding the unnecessary time, expense and effort made by ICE officials in these seemingly random and low-end offender cases, it behooves everyone to be aware of the danger of being arrested by ICE and for that matter to be arrested for any reason by a police officer.  If you or anyone close to you is threatened by ICE or by law enforcement it is time to have your lawyer intervene and prevent such a fate from happening to you.  Contact our offices and allow attorney Harris Taback to intervene on your behalf.  Do not under any circumstances speak without counsel to representatives of ICE or of any other law enforcement agency. 

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