What I Know About Martial Arts and How It Has Made Me a Better Lawyer

Posted by Harris Taback | Jul 16, 2020 | 0 Comments

Years ago I had a wonderful college professor who taught Martial Arts as a method of fighting in a respectful manner, by not personalizing and getting to the point.  The actual work of preparing for conflict was great physical exercise!

Though I feel as though I am walking in my client's shoes, when preparing for battle I size up our opponent in this objective way and focus on the win for my client, not on the defeat of the other party.

The goal of Martial Arts is the art of preventing the fight.  If I can keep my client out of court, away from the criminal justice system, to retain their liberty, this is my objective in a fair fight.

All of these points came back to me when I read how Karen Bass, the potential Democratic VP has handled her career based upon her experience in Martial Arts.  It's an ancient practice that also has meaning in our courts and in our present society.  I personally apply the balance, practice being centered and using knowledge of Martial Arts in my legal practice.

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