The Right to Vote is an American Principle

Posted by Harris Taback | Jun 08, 2021 | 0 Comments

On November 3, 2020 a legislative constitutional amendment was passed in California that re-instated the right to vote to persons on parole in state elections.  The idea is that if a citizen has paid the time for doing the crime, they may rejoin society and participate in a meaningful way by voting.  Voters in California agreed, and Proposition 17 was passed.

The country is now undergoing a major overhaul in voting rights that is currently being stymied by those who want to  restrict voting.  The legislatively instituted HB1 and SB1 (For the People Act) would open the door for voting in both federal and state elections to those currently on parole.  It will also spotlight "dark" money in politics, allow for greater participation among voters by keeping the polls open for longer periods and expand voting by mail.  The long lines experienced by voters that viewers see on television would disappear and hopefully would be a thing of the past. 

Americans are unique because we allow voting for many adults, but because of unfair and unethical restrictions, many others are disenfranchised.  Parolees especially need support with their right to vote because they must be encouraged to become full fledged responsible citizens and to behave in that manner.  Our penal system serves a purpose but the objective is for the citizen to re-join society.

We are striving to become a better nation by allowing voting for all eligible citizens.

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