Police Blunder Search in Spectacular Manner

Posted by Harris Taback | May 17, 2019 | 0 Comments

Public Defender Jeff Adachi's police report leak investigation --handled by police with a sledgehammer-- needs to in and of itself investigated.  Recently, police broke into a journalist's household in search of a source who leaked a police report and photos about Adachi's death and then sold by the journalist to news outlets.

Police, as do us all, need to keep in mind first amendment constitutional rights that allow freedom of the press.  According to reports, police had been authorized to do a search but did not adhere to "shield" rules that protect journalists and their news sources from authorities.

In this day and age, mistakes are made that seem ludicrous on their face.  The idea that police, who have training in this area, blundered this search in such a spectacular manner gives rise to the concern that errors are made in other areas police have jurisdiction over.

We need to give police a helping hand in matters that guarantee public safety.  Police, however, must conform to a higher standard and be accountable whenever their authority oversteps our constitutional rights.  I am in favor of an independent Citizen's Review commission overseeing police conduct and policies.  And, if you or anyone you know is threatened or believes your constitutional rights are being stepped on by police to contact me and I will assist you in any way I can.

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