How Best Can Doctors Legally Manage Oxycontin?

Posted by Harris Taback | May 04, 2020 | 0 Comments

There are few legal guidelines about how and when doctors should prescribe potent narcotics. The law gives great latitude to certified M.D.s about their decisions to prescribe, leaving doctors with a huge responsibility and control that is beyond many doctors preferred decsion making choices. Doctors are greatly impacted by the miracle of prescribed narcotics that in most cases assist their patients with rehabilitation.  Their intent is to provide the best medical care they possibly can and to minimize pain.  Understandably, doctors would rather not have the legal system breathing down their neck when they are treating patients.  Since it is the patient's right to choose their own physician, patients must give strong weight as to whom they should trust treating their medical condition.  

If the law were clear about good managment of prescriptions, oxycontin might not be falling into the wrong hands.  In the meantime, the courts are grappling with how to monitor this increasingly hurtful drug that can be misued.  Oxicontin, along with other narcotics that are either prescription or modified over the counter do not have consistent use practices under the law.  Often it's not until a glaring problem occurs that doctors understand the need for expert legal representation.

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