Case Results

Harris is Asked to be Lead Counsel on a Capital Case

The Venue:  United States Department of Justice, Washington D.C.

The Case:  While serving on the United States District Court's distinguished Defense Attorneys Panel, Harris was appointed by the Executive Director to be Lead Counsel in a death penalty case.  Harris's first mission was to defend the death penalty charge preventing his client from being in the most extreme jeopardy of all - the loss of his own life.

The difficulty in presenting the case to the Department of Justice, Washington D.C. was that the jurists wanted to make this case a prime example of their many successes.

Harris defended his case as leader of the first panel of lawyers before the judicial panel in Washington D.C.  He successfully convinced the government not to seek death against his client. The panelists who came after Harris were pleased that Harris had led the team's defense, and they were able to use similar arguments for their client's benefit.  Harris led the way!

Harris used his legal constitutional expertise to defend his client.