Corona Virus - How Bad Can It Get?

Posted by Harris Taback | May 05, 2020 | 0 Comments

The Law Offices of Harris B. Taback has maintained a virtual presence since Governor Gavin Newsom's mid-April, 2020 shelter- in- place edict.  I continue to work on my client's behalf in spite of the limitations.  Like so many others, I have engaged with the local state and federal courts with face to face court appearances via "Zoom."  For many of my clients, the pandemic has allowed postponements that could serve to their benefit.  Efforts to release inmates who are incarcerated are a different matter since the courts view each case individually and are reluctant to allow early release.  

However, I passionately defend each of my clients and their wishes to remain healthy by not being exposed uneccessarily to the Covid - 19 virus.  The virus is now a factor that must be considered in all of my cases and courts need to hear that and respond accordingly.  No one ever agreed to the Corona Virus being part of their case and so certain leeway must be given to clients who are adversely impacted.

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