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Harris Taback has a strong reputation in the field of criminal defense. His work has led him to win a multitude of courtroom successes for his many clients. Here you will find summaries of many of his cases and noteworthy successes.

  • Serious sex offenses against multiple victims

    Harris defended a client charged with serious sex offenses against multiple victims and went to trial. Read On

  • Multi-Million Dollar Mortgage Fraud Conspiracy

    Harris defended a client charged in a multi million dollar Medicare Fraud conspiracy. Read On

  • Wine Theft under investigation by the FBI

    Harris was retained by a high end sophisticated whole sale wine merchant who was under suspicion of being a part of a wine theft ring under investigation by the FBI. Read On

  • Security Clearance and Career on the line

    Harris defended a nuclear physicist from the Lawreence Livermore Labratory studying for his PHD in nuclear science at Cal Berkeley who was charged with assault and robbery not far from the campus. A conviction could have cost him his security clearance with The United States Department of Energy and his career. Read On

  • Federal case carrying 10 years minimum

    Harris defended a federal case where the accused was facing charges of dealing drugs that carried a minimum of ten years in prison. Read On

  • Massive racketeering case

    Harris defended a client charged in a massive racketerring case that involved mandatory minimum drug crimes, acts of murder and violence, money laundering and a boatload of related crimes. Read On

  • Client was facing 5 year minimum

    Harris defended a client facing a five year mandatory minimum drug case in federal court. Read On

  • Hash Oil Case

    Harris represented a client charged with felony manufacturing eleven pounds of hash oil for distribution and the theft of $90,000 from PG&E. Read On

  • Attempted Murder with a Deadly Weapon

    Mr. Taback's client was charged with attempting to murder an individual who was having an affair with his wife. Mr. Taback's client fired two shots at this individual. Both shots caused significant physical harm. Read On

  • Attempted Murder and Assault With a Deadly Weapon

    Mr. Taback's client was accused of planning to commit murder with a firearm. Moreover, Mr. Taback's client fired at least five shots at an individual in a vehicle. Read On

  • Aiding and Abetting Homicide

    Mr. Taback's client was charged with encouraging her husband to flee after he killed a man with his firearm. Further, she was alleged to have hidden the weapon from law enforcement. Read On

  • Ex-Felon in Possession of a Firearm With One Charged Strike

    Mr. Taback represented a member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club who was charged with being an ex-felon in possession of two firearms. The District Attorney filed a prior strike conviction, which would make the client ineligible for probation. Read On

  • Terrorist Death Threats

    Mr. Taback's client was a corporate executive who was charged with making death threats against his brother and the client's alleged mistress. Further, the client was charged with violating stay away orders against these individuals. Read On

  • Assault With a Firearm That Caused Great Bodily Injury

    Mr. Taback's client discharged her firearm toward her boyfriend and the bullet severed his spinal cord. This crime would typically carry a sentence in excess of ten years in prison. Read On

  • Transportation of Marijuana

    Mr. Taback's client was arrested by law enforcement after finding approximately 100 lbs. of marijuana in the client's vehicle. Read On

  • Conspiracy to Distribute Marijuana

    Mr. Taback's client was charged with distributing millions of dollars worth of marijuana through a medical marijuana dispensary that was not in compliance with California law. Read On

  • White Collar Crimes

    Mr. Taback has represented accountants, mortgage brokers, and corporate executives charged with a variety of White Collar crimes. Read On

  • Rape Investigation

    Mr. Taback's client had sexual intercourse with a woman who reported the encounter as a rape to San Francisco Police. DNA evidence left no doubt that the sexual intercourse took place. Read On

  • Possession With Intent to Distribute Cocaine

    Mr. Taback's client was charged in Federal Court with transporting cocaine from Sacramento, California, to Seattle, Washington. While represented by other counsel, she unsuccessfully tried to get the court to suppress the cocaine because the defense argued it was unlawfully seized. The judge denied that motion. She pled guilty and was sentenced to ten years in prison. Read On

  • Vehicular Manslaughter

    Harris's client already had two strikes on his record when he was charged with vehicular manslaughter. If convicted, he was looking at a sentence of 25 years to life. After the victim's mother intervened, an amazing story became even more amazing. Read On

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