Case Results

A 1993 Drug Conviction Almost Led to Deportation

Harris's client, whose wife contacted him from her Bakersfield residence, was in despair about his likely deportation to Mexico.  An old drug sales guilty plea and conviction from 1993 prevented him from naturalization even though he had served his time and was now an upstanding business owner.  Because of the threats that ICE presented, he lived in fear.  Harris assembled a legal team that filed a miraculous motion to Withdraw Guilty Plea and Dismiss that challenged the 27 year old conviction.

Within 24 hours of the filing and with Harris arguing the case every step of the way, the District Attorney dramatically notified the court that they would not object to the requested withdrawal of the plea and to dismiss the 27 year old case.  The client can now begin naturalization and he and his extended family had great reason to (safely) celebrate when they heard the news!  

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Practice area(s): Immigration, State, Local And Municipal Law

Court: Oakland Superior Court